PSIG Members Received Awards from the Singapore Accreditation Council on 19 Oct 2006

On 19 October 2006, the Standard & Accreditation Partners' Day to mark the Singapore Accreditation Council's 20th year of laboratory accreditation and the 10th anniversary of the Singapore Accreditation Council, the following PSIG members received various awards from the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) in recognition of their meritorious contributions to the Singapore national accreditation programme.

Mr Tan Pui Guan, PSIG Advisor - SPRING Singapore Distinguished Partner Award (Accreditation)

Mr Heng Hoon Jee, PSIG Vice-Chair - SAC Merit Award

Mr Sze Thiam Siong, PSIG Member - SAC Merit Award

Mr Leong Shui Hung, PSIG Member - SAC Merit Award

In the commemorative publication "Promoting Accreditation Locally, Achieving Recognition Globally", the above four PSIG members were featured in the publication.

SAC Commemorative Publication

Mr Tan Pui Guan featured in "Our Pioneers Speak"

Mr Heng Hoon Jee, Mr Sze Thiam Siong and Mr Leong Shui Hung are featured in "Our Volunteers Speak"


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