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PSIG is an Interest Group of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME International) Singapore Section and was founded on July 20, 2002 with a vision to advance the mechanical engineering profession, particularly in the design, manufacture, testing and operation of boilers, pressure vessels, piping and related equipment. We also hope to provide a platform to discuss, debate and put forth ideas on pressure vessels and piping technology.
The Committee also hopes to foster long-term relationships with the industry and works towards developing good practices for manufacturers as well as end users of pressure systems to eradicate, if not at least minimize, accidents arising from ignorance and carelessness.
You will agree that ASME Section VIII, Division I on Pressure Vessels is undoubtedly the most common of all rule books adopted by pressure vessel design engineers worldwide. As and when necessary, we will try to update users with the latest revisions, discuss cases of relevance and more importantly, educate those involved in the operation of pressure vessels and related equipment to achieve a safer and better working environment.

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